Wednesday, 26 August 2015

My EveryDay Face

I don't think i have ever mentioned on my blog before, that i don't like to wear to much makeup. And by this i mean i will wear some but just not a lot. I prefer having a really light coverage rather than a heavy based coverage. However i still want some products that still make me look "put together", without having to go into much effort. Today i thought i would share with you guys what i tend to wear on an every day basis. These are some of the products that i use mostly all the time, and the ones that i grab for the most- although my makeup collection isn't really that big.

1)Mac Mineralize Skin Finish powder (medium) - I use this all over my face as a powder. It gives me a really light finish coverage- which is what I'm looking for. However it still shows that i have something on my face. This is one of my favourite products because it still hides your spots really well, without having to put foundation all over your face. 

2)Mac eyeshadow- A Natural Flirt- I love love this eyeshadow. For my prom makeup the lady used this, and applied it all over my lid and added some in the inner corner of my eyes to make them look more alive and big. Ever since she has used it I've fallen in love and had to repurchase it once it came back in stock. Its got tinny tiny bits of shimmer in which makes it look all flirty and girly (Suggested in the name). If you haven't tried this eyeshadow out, i would defiantly recommend it. 

3) Extreme Felt Eyeliner by MUA- Applying eyeliner is possibly one of my favourite things to do while putting makeup on. I never used to be good at applying it, and used about a 100 makeup wipes just to get the perfect wing however if you practise and use it everyday you'll deffos get the hang of it. This eyeliner has a really pointy application which i love because it means you can define your wing more, and make it as big or as small as you would like it. 

4) NYC Big Curly Eye Mascara- At first i wasn't quite sure how i felt about this mascara. As its so big i wasn't applying it right, which made it even more difficult to use. But once Id figure out which was the best way on how to use it, i didn't quite mind it as much- however I'm still not 100% certain on this product. It gives you volume on your lashes, but it means you having to apply loads of coats on to your lashes.

5)Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skin Finish- I use this to add a bit of shimmer and highlight to my cheekbones. (Although not going overboard on the product because that can happen.) What i like most about this product is that you only need to apply a tinny tiny amount, but you still have a lot of shimmer and glitter on your skin. This looks beautiful when your skin catches the natural light because you can easily see it shining on your face. 

6)Mac's On The Scene Lipgloss- Im a girl that prefers wearing lipgloss rather than lipsticks. I feel more comfortable wearing one- strange i know! This lipgloss finishes the makeup look of by adding me some colour, but its still looking natural. However if i am feeling adventurous in the colour of my lipstick then i will add some of the BabyLips, in the colour red just to give me some pop of colour if I'm not having a very good makeup day- adding lipstick is the way forward.

Whats your current everyday makeup routine?
Charlotte x 

Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Sunday Post// My Love For This Dress

This dress is perfect for a christening. If its a day like today, where the sun was out shining the pattern of the dress fits perfectly with the summer season. Today was my cousins christening (Blake), and his brother's (Travis), and sister (Isabelle). I decided to go for this Vintage dress that i found in TopShop.
If your a real girly girl, then this dress is for you. It sits high on the waist with tie-up sides for a peek of skin. I paired this dress with some heeled wedges from TopShop also, that my mam bought ages ago so I'm not sure if they will be in stock anymore. As this dress has no sleeves, you won't feel overheated. Its perfect for a summers day out, (or even a christening). The thing i love most is the beautifully detailed floral pattern, with the lace up details. Bright and beautiful colours- what more could you ask for? When the wind comes you feel like a princess. It flows softly making you feel like something magical is going to happen.

10/10 for this dress. Its quirky,vintage and different. 
Charlotte x 

Friday, 21 August 2015


Too see that i have been nominated for not 1 awards but 2, seems like such a great achievement for me and my blog! Recently i was nominated for the StarLight Blogger award by the lovely The Small Things Of Life . She explains on her blog that this award is all about "Honour those individuals who bring daily light into your soul with their creativity". I believe that this is a great way to support unique bloggers with their own creativity, and different style's of writing. 

The following rules for this award are as follows: 
1) Show of your award by posting a picture of it 
2)Thank the person who gave you the nomination 
3)Answer the 3 questions your nominator gave you 
4)Pass on this award to 6+ fellow bloggers
5)Give your nominees three of your own questions

Here are the three questions that the lovely, The Small Things Of Life gave me and here are their respective answers:

1)What do you want people to get from your blog? The massive one is defiantly INSPIRATION to have confidence and start their own blog. I think this is the main thing that people want to get out of from reading your posts, and it makes you feel so happy and good about yourself inside. This was defiantly one of the reasons why i started a blog, from reading someone else's post and watching YouTube videos. 

2)What is your proudest moment this year? This one is with out a doubt getting my GCSE results, and knowing that i made my self and family proud! If your just going into to year 11, then my advice would be starting to revise straight away, hard work defiantly pays of!

3)Whats your favourite blogger/blog this month? One of my favourites that i have been reading a lot this month is Georgia's blog from, i feel like because we are the same age i can really connect with the blogposts she's written. And plus she has just started out her blog just like me, so we are in the same boat. 

The bloggers that I'm going to be nomination for this award are:
1) Kirsten from - I have only recently just found your blog, and i love your layout! And your blog name is adorable. 
2) RebeccaJane from the lovely - I love it how she does her favourite quote of the week, if you are feeling down then read one of them, they will sure to make you smile!
3) The lovely Niveta from She comes up with many different creative ideas for a blogpost.
4)Fran from the wonderful - one night she hosted the Blog'sDo it Better chat and ever since i have been reading her blogs.
5)The lovely Claire from She's got amazing quality pictures on her blog, and ever since i have read her post about the I Am Very Busy Planner I've never stopped reading her blog.
6) And lastly i am going to be nominating the lovely Jenna at - I love the content of her blog, and find all of her posts really interesting and informative. 

The three questions for you guys are:
1)What were some of the reasons you started blogging?
2)If your feeling down, what are the things you enjoy doing to try and make you feel better?
3)If you had to choose between living without skincare for a month, or living without beauty products, what would you choose and why?

Thank you again for the lovely for the nomination of this award! I couldn't be more thankful. 

Charlotte x 

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Reasons why i love the sky: My Happy Place!

The sky has such a strong and powerful meaning, its probably my weakness. When it sets such a beautiful sunset there is nothing better than getting your camera out and start snapping away 500 more pictures of it-  i mean you can't have enough pictures of the sky can you? I find it hard to believe thats its a billion miles away from us, but yet it seems so close. I live in the loft (and by that i mean its my bedroom). Looking out of my bedroom window at night when everything is so peaceful, is one of my favourite things to do. You get to watch the stars twinkle in the moonlight, and to me theres something that seems so calming about that. Looking at sunsets is defiantly one of my most happiest places, especially when your walking along the beach and before you know it you have a 'massive' smile on your face because it makes you happy.  (JUST LOOK AT THAT SUNSET!)

Walking along the beach at night, when its beginning to get dark is so tranquil you feel grateful for the people that you have in your life, and the scenery that surrounds you, i know that i do! And most of all you get to watch the sky change colours as the sunset is beginning to rise. Its a magical feeling. This is just a quick blogpost, to share with you guys where my most favourite place is, and that truly makes me happy!  i hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.(These are just some of the many ones i have taken)!

Whats your most favourite place? Charlotte x 

Monday, 17 August 2015

My Summer Fragrance

Summer feels like it has flown by, and to see that it is nearly over makes me really sad! Going back to normality will be tough. During the Summer Season i have been wearing the same perfume for most day's. Whether that will be during the day, or going for a night out. Earlier on in the year i visited NewYork, i talk all about it in a post Here. When i was their i treated myself to some Jo Malone perfume in Macy's.

The Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin is the one that i opted for. A Peppery basil and aromatic white thyme bring an unexpected twist to the scent of limes on a Caribbean breeze. I adore this smell, and its perfect for going on a night out, because it lasts a really long time. Thats what i love about this perfume, you don't need to apply a lot of it because for me it becomes really overpowering. This has lasted me from March and its now August- id say thats pretty good! If your wanting to treat yourself to a high quality perfume, then i would defiantly recommend this one. Jo Malone has a range of perfumes from Floral to Spicy senses, so there is something there for everybody. My mind was blown away by the choices you could choose from! Ive always wanted to try out something from Jo Malone, because my auntie always raves on about how good the products are. She's in love with the perfumes just as much as i am. 
What has your Summer fragrance been this year? 
Charlotte x